Enterprise community services

While many focus on communities as a support vehicle to deflect organizational costs, we see it as an opportunity to delight customers and deliver an enhanced user experience. When done right, online communities become a profit center, increase customer satisfaction and help improve top-line revenue.

Enterprise community solutions

With the right approach, communities deliver a high level of service to your customers, which supports customer lifetime value (CLV) and cross-sales, in addition to reducing service and support costs. Industry research shows that customers prefer to self-serve when they have support issues. To take full advantage of online communities, it is important for businesses to work with a partner that not only understands enterprise community technologies but can also maximize community engagement and satisfaction.

iTalent’s team is one of the most qualified community engineering and community management groups in the world. We have the experience and partnerships needed to deliver compelling business impact. We start with the business opportunity and vision and use that as a lens to build a unique and extensible strategy and solution.

We understand that a community “solution” is not a solution until it fits within the organization’s unique processes, applications and systems. We are able to engage collaboratively to build the vision, tactically to understand the processes necessary to optimize the solution and technically to deliver deep integrations within the enterprise environment.

We have uniquely developed an integration platform that makes it easier to deliver an embedded community across web properties. With iTalent’s SmartConX, community content can be shared bi-directionally in other platforms; moreover, content from other sources can be shared in community. This creates the opportunity to not only share content but collaborate with those users that may not be in community via real-time collaboration.

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  • Community strategy
  • Community architecture
  • Community management
  • Community content management
  • Community DevOps
  • Community managed services
  • Community project management
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Client success stories

How SmartConX combined with CommunityConX and LanguageConX enables a Fortune 100 tech giant to turbocharge customer engagement

Expanding self-service communities: how Autodesk integrated Facebook without increasing costs

[iTalent’s digital collaboration solution] has continued to be our secret weapon, so to speak… I would like to point out that it not only reduces the amount of time it takes for engineers to find what they are looking for, but equally importantly, it can help them resolve customer issues quicker.
– Support Manager, Fortune 500 client
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  • $54 million (per year) saved through case deflections
  • 20+ awards won in the online community space
  • 34% increase in tech support agent proficiency
  • 400% increase in website engagement
  • 43% increase in community engagement

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“iTalent offers unmatched expertise and deep partnerships with the leading community technology platform providers. Our innovative capabilities help our Fortune 1000 customers connect, engage, and better serve their communities, earning us more than 20 industry awards in the enterprise collaboration space.”

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