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Be bold with strategic change management to optimize your ROI and enable change agility.

Change Management solutions

Organizations need to be able to adapt quickly to succeed and grow in today’s dynamic and unpredictable landscape.

However, many organizations lack the experience, skills, resources, technical capability, and attitude required to overcome embedded cultural resistance and ‘change fatigue’ in order to consistently deliver sustainable, impactful, and holistic transformation.

iTalent Digital’s game-changing “people-first” enterprise change management offering provides the capability to make the right changes at the right time — at speed and at scale — and that those changes are embraced by the right people to successfully deliver business outcomes.

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  • Enterprise change management
  • Change strategy
  • CMO design & managed services
  • Delivery model & change framework
  • Change enablement services

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100,000+ users
migrated to a new
technology platform

Change management
accelerates finance
organization transformation

People usually think of change management as a “last-mile” initiative, but if you want to protect your investments and achieve sustained adoption, waiting until the last mile is too late. ChaMa helps demonstrate the value of change management in a different way by embedding it into the portfolio strategy from beginning to end.
– Aaron Stroud, Director of Transformation Acceleration at a Fortune 100 Tech Company
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  • 91% time savings in organizational change management report generation
  • 40% increase in change management capacity without increasing headcount
  • 30% cost reduction
  • 4%+ stakeholder satisfaction improvement

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“It’s time for a digital transformation of the practice of managing digital transformation. The only way to keep up with today’s pace of change and tangibly demonstrate the value of strategic change management is with data and automation.”

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