Google Cloud Platform

Business insights with Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery and Looker 

As a trusted Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology partner, iTalent Digital empowers organizations to realize the transformative potential of data-driven decisions by leveraging the powerful combination of BigQuery and Looker. 

BigQuery: your scalable data warehouse 

BigQuery serves as the cornerstone of your data ecosystem, offering a highly scalable and serverless data warehouse. That means no more complex infrastructure management, just a platform that effortlessly handles massive datasets while keeping costs under control. 

BigQuery seamlessly integrates with your existing GCP environment, allowing you to ingest data from a variety of sources and prepare it for analysis with ease. Our team of GCP professionals will be there with you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimized data warehousing solution. 

Looker: transforming data into stories 

Looker takes your prepared data in BigQuery and transforms it into clear and compelling visualizations. Its intuitive interface empowers both technical and non-technical users to explore data, identify trends, and uncover hidden patterns. Looker fosters a data-driven culture by enabling self-service analytics, where users can uncover insights independently, reducing reliance on IT resources. Our experts will help you design and implement a Looker strategy that maximizes user adoption and drives impactful business decisions.


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