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Community Managed Services and Khoros

In addition to the robust capabilities that Khoros offers out of the box, iTalent’s managed services and DevOps teams can customize, integrate and extend the platform to optimize the value and performance of your communities.

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Managed Services: Building Successful Communities

iTalent Digital’s experienced team of community managers offers end-to-end services and support for planning, implementing and managing your online communities and support forums. The support we provide includes:

  • Content Strategy
  • Engineering
  • Content Optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Content Management
  • Accessibility
  • Moderation
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Administration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • DevOps

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SmartConX is a powerful integration-as-a-service solution that allows companies to perform a wide range of complex integrations in a cost-effective manner, saving our customers millions of dollars and vastly improving the user experience by “Connecting the Digital Experience.”

Seamlessly connect your Khoros commmunity with any number communities and cloud platforms using SmartConX and the different connectors that plug into it. For example, CommunityConX unifies distinct communities, SocialConX integrates users from third-party social platforms, ContentConX syndicates content to and from different cloud platforms, and so forth. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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LanguageConX for Khoros

iTalent Digital’s translation connector leverages the dynamic translation capability of Lingotek and integrates it seamlessly with Khoros.

  • Translate Pages, Blocks / Widgets, and Tags
  • Send pages to translation in bulk, or one by one
  • Choose default languages for your site
  • Access the translator workbench seamlessly from within Khoros
  • Keep translations organized by project
  • Choose default glossaries, workflows, and translation memories for each translation project

Download the translation connector datasheet for more details and answers to FAQS.

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SearchConX for Khoros

Mass personalization and unified search enable you to turn your web properties into a high-performing self-service and self-sales platform that works 24/7 to serve and delight your customers.

SearchConX also enables personalization on your web properties by role or account type. This allows you to control who can access which type of information. The role-based access can be configured for both internal (employees and contractors) and external (users, partners and vendors) accounts.

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Intelligent Recommendations Engine

Search query results are more relevant and valuable when powered by AI and machine learning. The intelligent recommendations engine can get so good at understanding what your customers want that it can serve up the information they are looking for without their even having to search for it!


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Galleries are a customized forum that allows users to demonstrate how they use a product by creating presentations of their work and sharing them with the community. Users can share all types of content, such as webinars, tips and tricks, videos, zip files, samples, or even downloadable solutions.

Galleries are very popular with users – they are consistently one of the top forums in terms of active visitors in communities that leverage them.

Content Carousel

One way to grab the attention of anyone visiting your community is to have a rotating community banner, also known as a carousel. Carousels utilize a custom component capability that allows community managers to manage content with no coding or engineering required. Carousels are an effective way to drive traffic to your content.

Reporting & Analytics

Our DevOps team can create custom analytics dashboards for you in Power BI, Tableau, or the platform of your choice through the use of Bulk API to import large sets of data from your various platforms and organize them in an actionable way.

Learn more about our business insights and data analytics expertise.

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SSO Integrations

iTalent can implement a single sign-on feature for your products and web properties to reduce password fatigue, ease help desk workloads, and other benefits.

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