SmartConX: Deliver value where the customer chooses to be

Don’t let a disjointed journey and siloed information spoil the customer experience!

Solutions and applications are designed to deliver value to the customer. Unfortunately, their siloed nature often hampers their ability to do so. As much as companies invest in optimizing the customer journey, let’s be honest: the customer chooses their journey, not the company. Companies must present value where the customer or prospect chooses to be, not where the company thinks they should be. SmartConX enables you to easily connect people and content, multi-directionally.

The challenge: Siloed content

All too often, content or expertise meant to benefit the customer doesn’t deliver the value it should, because it is buried in a silo that is only visible to certain users. Breaking down these content silos involves systems integrations, which are costly and complex to implement and support.

At iTalent Digital, we have experienced this challenge first-hand building deep integrations for the world’s leading companies. With each new systems integration, multiple programming requirements must be considered and factored in:

  • Search functionality
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Authorization & authentication
  • Security framework
  • Manageability & supportability
  • Support and maintenance
  • Application server & database management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Field and content mapping engine
  • Monitoring and audit
  • User management
  • Event (trigger) management

On top of these foundational components, specific functionality and user experience elements must be developed to make the integration useful to the customer. Each integration requires developers to build a compelling user experience within the context of that application’s specific fields, content, business logic, and other factors.

The solution: SmartConX

SmartConX streamlines, automates and reuses the foundational elements of the integration so you can effortlessly connect different platforms together, without adding needless complexity to your systems configurations.

With SmartConX, integrating additional systems or adding additional functionality is as simple as plugging in any existing SmartConX connectors, or even developing custom integrations directly on the SmartConX platform. SmartConX handles the foundational programming elements of the integration, so all that is needed are the customized UI and CX configurations.

The other obvious benefit of SmartConX is the significant cost savings of not having to build integrations from scratch. SmartConX can handle both internal and external integrations.

iTalent SmartConX and ConX services

Pre-built integrations

iTalent Digital has developed a suite of pre-built integrations that you can plug into SmartConX to enjoy the benefits in no time. Or, take advantage of iTalent’s CustomConX Service to build your own unique ConX integration.


A cross-community integration delivering a seamless user experience. Users can remain in their chosen community, yet connect and collaborate bi-directionally in near-real time with members of other communities, creating dramatically greater value and relevancy for everyone. View case study


Many customers and prospects choose to congregate in third-party environments like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn or Spiceworks. With SocialConX, you can still engage with these users by integrating the third-party platforms with your own online properties to seamlessly share content between them.


Many internal groups use collaboration tools such as Teams, Slack, Skype and others to engage with each other. With CollaborationConX, you can surface discussion and content across tools and applications. Content and interactions can also be shared between the online community and internal collaboration tools.


Content is tough to find unless users know where to look. With ContentConX, content from your data repositories such as Google Docs, Box, Dropbox, etc. can be shared and surfaced to users no matter where they choose to be, so the customer is always right…where they need to be.


Even though English is only used by about 25% of internet users, content is often only available in English. LanguageConX dynamically translates and surfaces content in multiple languages in near-real time. Users can now read and respond, and engage with subject matter experts, in their preferred language.


How do you handle aging content? Most often, it needs to be evaluated for relevancy and processed manually. You can automate this process with ArchiveConX. This connector continuously monitors your environments and auto-archives content based on your unique set of business rules.


Accessing and indexing various systems is critical for enterprise search. This may require specific connections and functionalities (e.g., role-based access) not furnished by the search provider. SearchConX delivers highly customizable capabilities to your enterprise search applications.


Are your customers leaving your product experience to search for answers? With ProductConX, customers can surface valuable support information such as contextually relevant discussions, articles, technical documents, blogs and more, right inside your product.


When content needs to be migrated from one platform to another, it is often managed as a one-off project. With MigrationConX, content can be easily mapped between two or more environments with minimal custom work, and you don’t have to start over from scratch with each new migration.


Using the power of SmartConX, custom connectors can be developed for unique systems and applications. Rather than focus on foundational elements provided by SmartConX, you can instead focus on the user experience and features unique to each application or use case.


Effortlessly link different ConX services together based on your own unique requirements. For example, add dynamic translation to your community integrations, to not only share content but translate it at the same time. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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