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With our analytics-as-a-service approach, iTalent Digital provides the expertise and tools required to modernize data, simplify insights, and leverage AI & ML to create positive outcomes by turning data into a competitive advantage.

BI, data & analytics solutions

Effectively managing the ever-increasing volume of data, the proliferation of data sources and formats, leveraging AI and machine learning, and delivering actionable insights continue to be a challenge for today’s business leaders. 

iTD’s BI, Data and Analytics Practice converts data into a competitive advantage with cutting-edge data science and AI/ML expertise combined with world-class agile and DevOps practices. Our global team has expertise in data management, preparation and consumption, and partnerships with the leading data platforms. We are uniquely capable of helping large enterprises launch full-scale data management programs, enhance business insights, and improve decision-making quality and efficiency. 


How we help

What we offer
  • Artificial Intelligence: leverage the latest in AI to drive efficiency and innovation
  • Automation-as-a-Service: eliminate manually intensive processes
  • Insights & Analytics: actionable data experiences through intuitive visuals
  • Data Engineering: robust, modern pipelines for data sourcing & observability
  • Modern Architecture: foundational data platforms built to deliver business value
  • Strategy & Governance: providing trust & confidence in your data strategy
  • Managed services
Technologies we use
  • SmartConXTM
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Azure
  • Power BI
  • ThoughtSpot
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Databricks
  • Snowflake
  • dbt Labs
  • Alteryx
  • Informatica
  • Oracle

Client success stories

Improving customer engagement with data-driven insights

Optimized processes and increased profitability through data transformation and analytics

[iTalent’s] work pulled together multiple sources of data to provide a unique view of the overall end-to-end performance. The insights gained from this report directly led to the improvement of the demand get program.
– Manager of Demand Generation and Revenue Marketing at Fortune 500 company 
Our Customers:

Our success in numbers

  • $500 million in leaked revenue discovered in six weeks
  • Report generation time reduced from days to minutes 
  • Exponential productivity increases
  • 10+ industry awards earned in this space

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“iTalent Digital’s Business Insights and Data Transformation Practice converts your data into a competitive advantage with cutting-edge data science expertise combined with world-class Agile and DevOps practices. Our global, full-service team is up for any data challenge!”

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