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In a world where consumers are accustomed to the hyper-personalization of Amazon and Netflix, a company’s survival increasingly depends on its ability to delight consumers with customized, relevant and convenient goods and services at every touchpoint.

Our innovative capabilities help our Fortune 1000 customers connect, engage, and better serve their communities, earning us more than 20 industry awards in the enterprise collaboration space.


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End-to-End Managed Services

When executed properly, communities deliver a high level of service to your customers, while at the same time reducing overall costs of customer service and support. Industry research shows that customers prefer to self-serve when they have a support issue. To take full advantage of online communities, it is important for businesses to work with a partner that not only understands enterprise communities but is also driving innovations to maximize engagement and satisfaction.

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Discover the innovations we’ve successfully implemented with our customers to catapult the value of their communities.


Thank you, iTalent, for being our go-to community,
migration and integration experts. You provide exceptional
support for the [support community] migrations & ongoing
managed support for [our tech support portal].

Community Engineer, Fortune 100 company


CommunityConX plugs into SmartConX, an award-winning integration-platform-as-a-service (IPaaS) solution. This customer-centric content sharing tool relieves your customers of the burden of having to hunt for the information they need across various web properties. Instead, with CommunityConX you can deliver the most pertinent information to the users, no matter where they are looking for it. The bi-directional, synchronous nature of CommunityConX enables people to collaborate with each other in near-real time, even if they are interacting from different locations.


This innovation could revolutionize
knowledge management, and this is vital for
product development domains with a heavy
dependency on the availability of
information and knowledge.

Member of the judging committee, Stevie® Awards for Women in Business


Even though English is only used by about 25% of internet users, content is often only available in English. LanguageConX dynamically translates and surfaces content in multiple languages in near-real time. Users can now read and respond, and engage with subject matter experts, in their preferred language. This solution can translate all types of content, whether it be posted content or application content (menus, buttons, etc.).


Connect your global communities without the language barrier! Read the case study on how Microsoft implemented LanguageConX.


When you can ask a question in one language and
someone can provide an answer in a different language –
all in the same thread – that's the magic right there. That's
the real wow factor.

Director of Global Customer Communities, Leading Cybersecurity Firm

Customized Personalization and Unified Search

Delivered in partnership with Coveo, our customized unified search solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalized experiences at scale. Your stakeholders will feel you designed your cloud properties especially for them! The intelligent search engine will learn so much about what your customers want, that it will serve up relevant content for them without their even having to search for it. Unified search supercharges your customer engagement and satisfaction through a more personalized, relevant experience with your company.

unified search

Get better at delighting your customers by giving them what they want, how they want it.


We have found that the search tool has improved the adoptability of leveraging [our] community as it greatly improved the chances of engineers finding what they were looking for. Without it, people would become frustrated if they could not find what they needed and may not return. This greatly improved the repeated returns for information.

Support Manager, Fortune 500 Client

Social Knowledge Management

SKM applies data analytics, business insights and social sharing technologies to identifying, sharing, documenting, transferring, developing, using or evaluating knowledge. One of the biggest sources of inefficiencies in organizations stems from the “silo effect” – information residing in disconnected repositories. Effective SKM is one of the best ways to catapult your organization’s performance in virtually every aspect of your business. iTalent Digital is a leading innovator in this space.


Get in touch to boost performance and capture more value from your
organizational knowledge


[iTalent’s] approach leveraged the social knowledge of our technical support organization in ways that not only changed how we created knowledge, but how we consumed it, as well.

Senior Director, Technical Support Services, Fortune 500 Client

We (literally) wrote the
book on Collaboration.

by Kenneth E. Russell, Renée La Londe, Fred Walters

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