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Let's Get Connected. Highly engaged customers and employees deliver an average return on investment (ROI) of 942%.

Enterprise Collaboration Benefits

Boost Productivity

Reduce the time it takes to perform daily tasks by 50% or more, freeing workers up for more value-added activities.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Companies with highly engaged
employees are more productive,
have lower turnover, fewer
safety incidents, and fewer
quality issues than
companies with
less engaged

Retain Your
Corporate Memory

Effectively manage and retain your company knowledge and expertise even after employees leave.

Delight Your

Find and deliver the best
solutions to your customers much
faster than would be possible manually.


iTalent Digital has earned over a dozen awards in this space, delivering innovative, collaborative capabilities for our Fortune 500 customers.

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  • iTalent's enterprise collaboration solution] has continued to be our secret weapon, so to speak. (…) it not only reduces the amount of time it takes for engineers to find what they are looking for, but equally importantly, it can help them resolve customer issues quicker.

    ~ Fortune 500 Client

Enterprise Content and Collaboration Success Factors

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70% of online communities fail because they lack a clear strategy. Although it is tempting to jump to "Design," efforts will see greater success if you begin by formulating a strategy.

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Identify and deploy the most appropriate solution for your business needs. If the perfect fit doesn't already exist, consider the extensibility of the platform to deliver your best solution.

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Focusing only on technology is a key reason why collaboration deployments fail. Take your implementation all the way to the individual user with training, motivation, and application of best practices.

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Integration can make the difference between whether a technology is used or useless. Maximize performance and adoption by leveraging multiple tools and platforms.

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Data Management

Protect your investments and boost productivity by capturing, sorting, mining, seeding and leveraging shared knowledge for the benefit of the entire organization.

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People won't automatically start collaborating just because the technology is there. We are experts in change management programs that ensure the full and successful adoption of new systems.

We (literally) wrote the
book on Collaboration.

by Kenneth E. Russell, Renée La Londe, Fred Walters

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