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Harmless Leak or Heavy Loss?

Revenue leakage is so pervasive, it would not be an exaggeration to say that every medium- and large- size business is at risk of revenue leakage in one form or another. Unfortunately, most businesses tend to grossly underestimate the detrimental impact this leakage has to their bottom line, so they make the mistake of ignoring it.

Mismanaged Opportunities

Opportunities fall through the cracks in
numerous ways. For example, when a sales
rep leaves your organization, how many of
his contracts and deals don't get
reassigned? How do you know?

Inaccurate Reporting

If the right data isn't showing up in the
right reports, how can you act on it? For
example, how can you be sure all of the
contracts up for renewal are feeding
properly into your CRM?

Unbilled Consumption

How many of your customers consume
more than they are billed? This is especially
likely if you have migrated contracts from
a traditional licensing to a consumption

Quota Retirement

Sales quotas can be a double-edged
sword, rewarding sales reps for meeting
them but punishing them with higher
quotas if they are exceeded. How much
business are your reps leaving on the
table to avoid going over quota?

Other Undetected Ways

Most companies use a complex maze of
systems and each department relies on
customized reports that don't always
overlap-or coincide. Most leaked revenue
goes undetected without a concerted
effort to discover it.


We use a proprietary methodology based on data forensics to quickly and cost-effectively discover leaks and recover the revenue, adding material percentage points to your income statement.

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