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Let's Get Mobile. iTalent's automated mobile solutions capture the full power and functionality of your business processes and deliver them on a mobile platform. From enterprise mobile apps to bots or virtual assistants, our team of experts can help you reap the benefit of a mobile strategy quickly.

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Improve Business Results

Automation, chatbots, virtual assistants, and artificial intelligence (AI) deliver impact and results for your business anytime, anywhere.


Maintain and extend your competitive advantage through innovative mobile solutions. Companies not experimenting or piloting emerging solutions in mobility risk losing customers and market share to their competitors.

Boost Satisfaction & Loyalty

Your customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders are mobile. Mobility provides a powerful and effective vehicle for engaging, serving and delighting them.

Roadmap for Enterprise Mobility Success


Pick Your Mobility Platform

Pick Your

Native, cross-platform or hybrid? Choose the solution that best suits your needs: Native iOS, Android or React, or a cross-platform framework like Kony, Xamarin, PhoneGap or Appcelerator.


Choose Your Enterprise Mobility Interface

Choose Your

Will your inputs be graphical, textual, natural language, or a combination of these? Will they be introduced from a hand-held device, wearable, or other appliance?


Select Your Mobile App or Chatbot Functionality

Select Your

Articulate the services your app or chatbot will deliver, integrate it with other platforms for enhanced productivity, and incorporate machine learning for optimal performance.


Design Your Mobile Solution Architecture

Design the

Collaborate with our UX specialists to lay a solid architectural foundation and ensure a disruptive experience.


Build and Test Your Enterprise Mobile App

and Test

Use agile methodology and apply quality control checks at every stage of development for flawless deliverables.


Deploy and Monitory Your Enterprise Mobile App

Deploy and

Publish and distribute the app on the selected platform(s) and monitor their use and user feedback for continuous improvements.

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