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Thanks to Intelligent Content Syndication,
the Customers are Always Right….Where They Need to Be.

In a world where a company’s survival depends on its ability to create a superior experience for its customers, siloed content is a huge problem.

The solution is Intelligent Content Syndication (ICS). ICS surfaces relevant and valuable content where the customer is, no matter where it is sourced from, so the customer is always at the right place, at the right time, right where they are.

Information and content that consumers need to understand and use products and services is often fragmented across multiple platforms.

This places the burden on the customer to access different communities, websites and other properties to piece together the information they need and engage the subject matter experts that can answer their questions.

ics image graphic
ics image graphic

ICS makes your content customer-centric and engaging, without having to change its location or recreate it on multiple properties.

ICS does all the heavy lifting by enabling bi-directional syndication so your customers can derive more value from your products while engaging and collaborating with subject matter experts.

How it Works

ICS is an unprecedented solution that allows companies to synchronously syndicate and surface content on multiple platforms, bi-directionally. Many of the knowledge assets created today (discussion, articles, blogs, ideas, videos, etc.) speak to how things work together and are relevant to more than one product or use case.

The innovation of ICS lies in surfacing this content not only in the “source” repository, but also in any number of “target” repositories and enabling users to collaborate synchronously and bi-directionally, as if the content were in just one repository.

Without ICS

Inside-Out View

Populate Content Where You Expect the User to Be

ics inside out side view image Siloed Repositories, Need to Access Multiple Sites, Limited Awareness

With ICS

Outside-In View

Surface Content Where the User Chooses to Be

ics outside-in view image One View for Relevant Content, Bi-Directional Collaboration, SME Engagement, Visibility
ics graphic image

For the first time, users don’t have to hunt for content like a detective. ICS can surface relevant information to them wherever they are, helping them connect with knowledge assets and subject matter experts they might never have discovered on their own.

ics user image dark blue

“My name is John, can I get an answer for a Widgets Question?”

ics user image yellow

“This is not the Widgets Community, but I have syndicated your request to the Widgets Community and they will respond. You do not have to do anything different, the anwers will come to you!”

ics user image liteblue

“Hello John, I am a moderator in the Widgets Community and I will be able to address your questions.”

ics user image dark blue

“Thank you, I appreciate the support and the fact you were able to answer my question the first time, rather than making me repost in the Widgets Community.”

The Customer is Central, but You’re in Control

Since the content, but not the user interface, is syndicated, the content is surfaced on each repository in the target’s UI, preserving the branding and style of each platform.

Furthermore, the level of automation you want to achieve with content syndication can be built into the platform and tailored to your needs – anywhere on the spectrum from no automation (i.e., all content to be syndicated is identified and approved by authorized users) to full automation where certain knowledge assets self-syndicate.

The solution is technology agnostic and can syndicate many types of content on many types of cloud-based or on-premise platforms.

Create a Truly Global Community with the Language Translation Option

ICS is equipped with an intelligent language translation engine (also developed by iTalent) that automatically posts the syndicated content in the language of each target platform. This enables collaboration among users of different native languages in near real time, creating a truly global customer experience.

If you have web properties in multiple languages, content can be syndicated to all the communities simultaneously, in each target language. Now, users on any of these communities can collaborate with each other in near real time, in their own language. The automated translation capability allows each user to see the content in their own language, regardless of what language in which it was originally posted.

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