Special Guest MCs

Alicia Mayo

Reporter, Moderator, & Host
SF Bay Area

Elyce Kirchner

NBCUniversal Media

Natalie Erlich

Reporter, Moderator, & Host
SF Bay Area

Lessons & Workshops - Saturday, July 21st

Shani Zuberi

Student, Author, Graphic Designer
and Aspiring Film Creator

Beena Ammanath

Global VP, AI/Data/Innovation,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise and
Founder and CEO of Humans For AI

Julie Valentine

Senior Director, Human Resources,
iTalent Digital

Patti Justice

Creative Manager
iTalent Digital

Lori Garver

General Manager,
Air Line Pilots Association, International
and former Deputy Administrator (NASA)

Stephanie Carullo

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Box, Inc

Darcy Bell

Vice President, Office CIO & PMO,

Monique Edmondson

Director IT, Digital Marketing, Seller Learning,
Social Collaboration, and Community
Outreach, Cisco

Jess Erickson

Research Program Manager,

Lessons & Workshops - Sunday, July 22nd

Maria Cuentas

North Monterey High School

Aparna Singhal

Director, Process Design Technology,

Rania Hoteit

CEO & Co-Founder,
ID4A Technologies

Telle Whitney

Expert on Diversity & Women in Technology,
Board Member & Consultant

Carolyn Herzog

EVP & General Counsel, Arm

Denise Lombard

Director, Supplier Diversity,
Global Procurement Services,

Eileen Tse

Senior Program Manager,
Global Sales Operations,

Chelsey Baker

CEO and Founder at National Mentoring Day
and World Mentoring Foundation

Business Plan Pitch Contest Judges

Ishita Majumdar

Senior Director of Products, eBay and
President, eBay Women in Technology

Rania Hoteit

CEO & Co-Founder,
ID4A Technologies

Christina Pluta

Venture Capital Portfolio Development

Sheila Jordan

Chief Information Officer,

Lesley Kim Grossblatt

Advisor, Former COO & VP Product,
The Boardlist