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With 10+ years of experience building innovative SMAAC2 (Social, Mobile, Analytics, AI, Cloud, Change as a Service) solutions that transform business models into interactive, connected, extended services, we help customers build a new digital economy reality.

DX for the Customer Experience

Anchor your digital transformation in the customer journey.

When you live close to the customer, you own the last mile and uncover
powerful, disruptive opportunities to transform old business models.

Digital Chat

Enterprise Content & Collaboration

Our award-winning expertise in building, integrating, extending and managing online communities can help both you and your customers derive maximum value from your digital assets. Learn more


Intelligent Content Syndication

Place the most relevant content where the customer is, in their preferred language. Thanks to our award-winning, first-in-class technology, the customer is always right….where they need to be. Learn more


Personalization & Unified Search

Deliver customized experiences at scale, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Learn more


Business Insights & Analytics

Use data as the transformation fuel to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, customer preferences and market trends. Learn more


Omnichannel CRM

Everything you need to integrate and harmonize your diverse interactions with customers, delivered in partnership with Zendesk. Learn more

DX for HR and Talent Acquisition

Your competitive advantage depends on your ability to find and attract the best talent. We have re-engineered the traditional recruiting process, eliminating time wasted vetting unqualified applicants so you can get straight to the right candidate.

Our award-winning intelligent recruiting platform integrates with your ATS and instantly surfaces the right talent for all your hiring needs using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

DX for Change Management

The technologies we use need to be seen through a prism of people.

Our proven processes and tools allow you to design a culture of innovation and agility where leaders are clear on the vision, game-changing teams are aligned, and obstacles are removed.


CaaS: Change as a Service

Our proprietary CaaS model is the only change model that future-proofs your business, elevating transformational change management from the project to the enterprise level. Learn more


SaaS: Chama®

Our cloud-based technology, Chama, enables the delivery of Change as a Service (CaaS) for companies to achieve exponential change and continuous learning. Learn more

DX for Data and Compliance

DX for Enterprise Solutions

Let our engineering centers of excellence create a customized solution
especially for your unique business objectives and requirements.

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Transformational things don't always go easily and [it] was strikingly and shockingly easy for us to go ahead and deploy this and make it happen. We've been thrilled with the experience.

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