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Harness the Power of Change. iTalent Digital’s Change as a Service (CaaS) model, delivered by expert consultants and fueled by our intelligent change platform, Chama, enables you to realize your business vision and desired outcomes with sustained adoption.

Change as a Service (CaaS): The only Change Model that Future-proofs Your Business

Traditional change management methods don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced marketplace. To move at the speed of digital, your company needs to incorporate change into its core operating model. It’s not enough to implement change management as a discrete initiative. In a world where change is constant, change management is best managed holistically across projects, programs and portfolios, and integrated into how you do business.


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  • Informational silos, minimal cross-organizational visibility
  • Service focused on a discrete initiative
  • Inflexible and late engagement
  • Inconsistent delivery, cultural insensitivity
  • Coverage gaps
  • Low customer satisfaction; focus on the task, not support
  • Low organizational change management maturity

iTalent Digital’s Proprietary CaaS Model elevates transformational change management from the project to the enterprise level.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility and accountability across the portfolio, programs and projects
  • Sustained adoption through active listening, metrics and change adaptation tailored to the culture
  • Transparency, quality and consistency across simultaneous change initiatives by dynamically understanding the level of change saturation, change risk, impacted stakeholders, and the actions that are driving sustained organizational adoption
  • AI-driven technology that enables data-driven decision-making in alignment with business priorities and strategic objectives
  • Change orchestration built into the organization’s operating model;
    generation of an overarching learning environment to act upon what is and is not working
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CaaS Components

PEOPLE are central to achieving the desired result.

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Chama is the technology that enables the delivery of Change as a Service.

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Intelligent insights capability illuminates change magnitude and saturation for visibility across the enterprise and empowers learning.

Powered by up-to-date information about stakeholders, change impacts, assessments and action plans.

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Pulse feature communicates news and pushes targeted questions for feedback on readiness and effectiveness that builds knowledge and feeds the AI engine.

  • I am so impressed with what your team has accomplished in three short months. You are running circles around our other vendor (big 4) that is also providing a managed service.

    Aparna S.,

    Director of Sales Operations,


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